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Leonardo M. Galea, War/PTSD Memoir, Wargasm

Leonardo M. Galea was born and raised in the suburbs of Detroit, Michigan. Following High School in 1998, Leonardo enlisted in the United States Marine Corps for six years. Following his time in the Marines, Leonardo attended university and eventually attained a Masters in History. Leonardo was commissioned as a 2nd Lieutenant in 2007 and has served in both Afghanistan and Iraq. Leonardo continues to serve in uniform as an Army Captain.

Hilari Bell, Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Multiple

Hilari Bell is a popular author, who has published 19 sci-fi/fantasy novels for the YA and middle grade markets, working with several publishers such as HarperCollins, Simon & Schuster, and most recently, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt. For more information about Hilari Bell, please visit her website at

Robert Spiller, Mystery, Radical Equations: A Bonnie Pinkwater Mystery

Math teacher extraordinaire and inveterate busybody, Bonnie Pinkwater is at it again. When she and her Wiccan sidekick Rhiannon Griffith are out hiking and find the body of Bonnieā€˜s boss, Vice Principal Clarence Murphy, their day takes a decided turn for the worse. But when that same body disappears then reappears seated at his desk, amid the wreckage in a tornado-ravaged high school, Bonnie proclaims things downright weird and decides to nose around. What show up are killer motorcyclists, suspicious preachers, tyrannical dwarves, high-stakes poker games, land-grabbing CEOs, and a damaged math genius desperately needing her help. As Bonnie and Rhiannon sort through a rising body count, Bonnie comes to a disturbing conclusion. Whoever is murdering the good citizens of East Plains, Colorado, has decided to eliminate one meddlesome math teacher.

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Charles Bynum, Memoir, The Other Side of Hell

“The Other Side of Hell” is a journey into the world of drug addiction, prison, darkness and despair. But more importantly it is a journey of spiritual transformation and hope. Join the author as he visits the mind of the addict, and explores how one’s own ego can lead to self destruction. Follow him through the depths of suffering into the enlightenment that changed his life.

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